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The architectural legacy of log homes has captured the imagination of today’s homebuilder. No other form of construction can match the charm and warmth of a handcrafted log home. The beautifully crafted log homes we have built over the years reflect a variety of architectural styles.Ranches, Chalets, Victorians and Contemporaries in sizes ranging from 500 to more than 10,000 square feet. 

With Montana Log Homes design flexibility you’re sure to find the right design combinations that match your lifestyle.

The homes you’ll see here reflect a few examples of the creative options that transform a home into architectural artwork. We hope this “Web Site” Spurs your imagination and helps turn your simple floor plan into a dramatic design.

No two Montana Log Homes are alike. We invite personal involvement, something other companies by-pass for the sake of mass production.
When Montana Log Homes draws up your construction prints, we pay attention to the owners design ideas. Your log home will reflect your personality

Our attention to the structural integrity of your rough design will insure the application of sound engineering. We have built homes from coast to coast and have produced these blueprints working long distance with the homeowner. 

Your design prints are a very important part of building your home. Our application of creative log options comes from years of constructing “One-of-a-kind” log homes. 

Since 1975 Montana Log Homes has combined large diameter, full length logs from the prime timber ranges of northern Montana with the skills of master designers, logsmiths, and construction experts to provide the finest handcrafted log structures found anywhere.

Our commitment to provide the very best quality and service has earned us a reputation we are proud of. Our homes have appeared on the covers, and have been featured, in well known magazines such as Architectural Digest, Big Sky Journal, Cowboys and Indians, Log Home Design Ideas, Log Home Illustrated and Log Home Living.




Thermal energy tests, in the United States and Canada, time and again have proven the energy efficiency of solid timber, hand-hewn logs. Hand-hewn logs are superior in energy values to factory milled logs, because the natural insulative layer of log is retained. They’re also superior in terms of life-cycle energy costs to similarly designed conventional homes of wood frame, block or brick; they even surpass factory-milled “kit” log homes in actual total energy conservation. 

At Montana Log Homes, we continue this unique tradition by building homes as individual as you.

Our energy efficient homes are made from Nature’s best insulators, the great trees of Northwest Rocky Mountains.

We build with dry, seasoned log stock. By using only dry logs we eliminate most of the shrinking and twisting associated with green or fresh cut logs.

Handpeeling with traditional drawknives brings out the natural coloring of each log. But more importantly, it leaves the protective insulative layer of the log untouched. This thermally efficient layer of the log is removed when milled down. As in typical “Kit” log homes.

The strong interlocking “saddle notch” on the corners and the chinkless “V-Notch” cut in the bottom of each log assures an incomparable fit.

Creative logsmiths using chainsaws and sharp-edged hand tools carve the giant Montana trees into custom crafted homes. Full length logs are used throughout. Since there are no splices, the solid log walls enhance the character of your individual home. 

Skilled craftsmen hand calibrate and scribe every inch of each log to accurately measure every curve and indentation. Our “key-way “ and V-groove system of construction secures the logs vertically, preventing even the slightest of shifting. Finally, a slender inconspicuous bead of chalk seals the mated and matched logs handsomely, inside and out, assuring air tightness.

Montana Log homes also offers design and blue print services to enable you to achieve the custom details that you wand built into your home. From the planning stage to final construction on your site, the experienced team at Montana Log Homes will give your project the attention you expect.


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