Mike Donnely

It gives my wife and me great pleasure to write a letter of confidence and referral for Montana Log Homes along with the Doug Smith.

We first met Montana Log Homes of Colorado people approximately five years ago to see about moving forward with our dream of building a log home in the mountains of Colorado. As he showed me other clients Log homes they had finished over the years each and ever homeowner were fully satisfied and treated him like a true friend. All the homes were beautiful some commented to me how Montana Log Homes is always there for them as the years go by whether it’s for adjusting the logs, warranty items, maintenance or new additions. That Doug had never let them down. Although I was really impressed with all of this I still was not sold and proceeded to check out four other log home-builders quality and pricing. There was not on that came close to what they offered us.

Time went by as we proceeded with our plans with 100% involvement and effort from Montana Log Homes of Colorado throughout the next year. As this planning stage continued I also realized how complex and hard it would be to build so far away (we live in Florida) that I had to have the best company possible for our house. By the time our plans were complete, it was certain that we had the right guys for the job with great character, knowledge, integrity and expertise. Everything was in order, now we just had to figure out how to pay for it. (That’s another story).

Our house is now three and a half years old. Montana Log Homes has helped us maintain it, adjusted logs three times, has backed up and fixed everything as needed promptly and fairly. We have added second closets and other items and everything had been completed to look like it was always there, not an after thought. They continue to be there for us in a way that is truly remarkable in this day and era.

Gabby has been instrumental with the interior of our house helping us out with all the furnishings, tile, carpet, Granite etc. At no charge I might add. This is what kind of people and company Montana Log Homes are.

It’s five years later our friendship and respect for each other is stronger than ever and our dream of building a log home could not have come out any better. We rate them Triple “A” business and personally.

If there are any specific questions that I may not have addressed please feel free to call me on my cell 954-410-2149

Mike donnely