Ernie and Joan Soper

Our vacation home outside of Steamboat Springs is a Montana Log Home built for us by Doug. We heartily recommend Montana Log Homes and especially Gabe and his crew for the outstanding job they did on our home.

The house is beautiful – much nicer than we imagined it would be. It was a difficult house to build because the roof contained several valleys and an octagonal area. It was also several miles out of town, and required the construction of a driveway 1/3 mile long. Because it is a vacation home, we were often not available to make decisions. Doug did a wonderful job of sparing us many decisions, while consulting us on the important ones where our input was necessary. His suggestions about finish items helped add to the beauty of our home. He coordinated all of the site details (well, electric, permits, etc.) in addition to building the home. He was always available for our questions and responsive to our concerns. He also kept us informed as to costs on a regular basis.

In addition, Doug has continued to be available after the majority of the construction work was done, and has acted as a liaison for everything from propane and wood suppliers to finding us a housecleaning service. He continues to periodically “let down” the house as is necessary with log homes.

Most important, Doug really knows how to build a log home. The house is tight and the craftsmanship is excellent. The logs are beautiful, with handpeeling to provide for lots of character. The people on his crew and the subs he uses are all uniformly outstanding. So often when you are building, he house will be fine except for one or two things – the drywall might not be quite right, or the electric plan not quite adequate. This is not the case with the home Doug has built for us.

We recommend Montana Log Homes to anyone considering building a log home.