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img What species of logs do you use?

Pine & Spruce are the most common. Our logs are dry seasoned logs, which means they have gone through their shrinking and drying process before we handcrafted them into your home.This results in very tight fitting log joints that stay that way. Our logs are handpeeled with a drawknife from natural log coloring..

img What is your construction method?

We use Swedish cope, full scribe method. The corners are saddle notched and the full log length has a V-trough cut out and filled with fiberglass insulation. We also build in Chink style construction which consists of saddle notched corners only.

img How energy efficient are they?

Our log homes are some of the most thermally efficient homes on the market today. Because of their thermal mass and the cellular structure of the wood fiber our homes are approximately 40% less expensive to heat and cool than that of a conventional frame home built with 2” x 6” walls (R-19 walls).

img Do you build custom homes?

Since 1975 when Montana Log Homes began, we have not crafted two identical homes. Every home we do is a custom, one-of-a-kind log home. The beautifully crafted homes we have built over the years reflect a variety of architectural styles, such as ranches chalets, Victorians and
contemporaries ranging from 500 square feet to 10,000 square feet.

img How far do you ship ?

Our homes are shipped worldwide. We have homes in 42 states and have shipped our homes to Japan. Our experienced re-set crew travels to all home destinations to re-assemble your log shell. Our homes are shipped on flatbed trucks operated by interstate carriers.

img What comes with your package?

Our log work consists of all exterior log walls, loft floor support system, roof support system, porch roof support system and any interior log walls a home owner desires. Optional log features include log gable ends, log staircases, log railings, log archways etc.

img Who re-assembles the log work on the home site?

We send two experienced men to your home site to re-assemble your log shell. After re-setting the log shell we will cut all the door and window openings and any other necessary log trimming. We usually spend four to five days at your home site depending on the size of the project.

img How far in advance should we order?

We recommend you place your order six to eight months in advance. The earlier in advance you order, the more likely we can meet your anticipated delivery date. We do build 12 months out of the year. Please check with our office for production availability.

img Can your homes be put on a basement?

Yes. Typically our homes require the same foundation as other types of construction.

img What type of sealants or preservatives are used?

We sell several brands of log preservatives. The exterior should be done with a penetrating oil which protects against ultra-violet rays and waterproofs the logs as well. The interior can be done in a penetrating oil finish, polyurethane, laquer or any other wood enhancing product.

img What roof system do you recommend for your homes?

Our roof support system consists of log ridgepole and purlins and will accept any roofing system that your area and conditions require. Any finish roofing material can be used such as metal, cedar shakes, asphalt roofing, tile, etc.

img How is the electrical wiring done?

Most of the wiring runs through the sub floor system. Most of the electrical work can be done after the log shell is re-set. By using a 2' long drill bit, you can drill for the electrical boxes through the lowest log round into the sub floor chamber, then router out for the receptacle box and feed the wire up. For electrical switches at your entry doors you would router a channel up from the floor to switch height then drill about 1' and router for your switch box.

img How do I get a price quotation from Montana Log Homes?

Send us a sketch of the floor plan you have in mind. Be sure to give us the exterior wall lengths and the delivery location of the log home. Also jot down any comments or special features you may want done in log. From this sketch we can prepare a preliminary cost estimate for your log shell.

img How much do your homes cost?

A very rough square foot price is $30.00 to $50.00 per square foot for the log shell only.

img How much do your homes cost completely finished?

A totally finished log home can range between $150.00 to $300.00 per square foot (including the log shell) depending on the location.

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