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Transporting and Reassembly

The process of planning, buying and building a Montana log home begins in our offices in Kalispell Montana. Our offices are housed in a beautiful model home located on 20 acres just south of Kalispell Montana on Highway 93 South. 

Montana Log Homes are log homes with a difference, a handcrafted difference. Unlike milled or “kit” log homes, our log shells are individually crafted by skilled logsmiths using chainsaws and traditional hand tools. Each full-length log is cut, carved and the assembled together into the finished structure right here at our construction yard in Kalispell, Montana. By hand fitting each log separately, we maintain a high degree of quality control throughout the entire log construction process.


When arriving at our offices you will be met by our receptionist/office manager Diana who will introduce you to our Marketing director Jeff. With Jeff as your guide you will begin the process of envisioning your dream home, this may include a visit to the production yard to view project currently underway as well as a review of any plans or ideas that you may have concerning your new home. In addition to Jeff helping you understand the options available to you with your new home, MLH has a highly qualified staff of draftsman including Eric Bachofner who will be available to complete your Log home plans.


Once plans are completed and your project is ready to move to the construction state. Jim Bachofner and/or Brad Neu the president of Kalispell Montana Log Homes Inc. studies the plans and completes the log “layout” detailing the location of all windows and door openings, Loft Floor heights, stair layouts, purlin lacing and much more. The project then moves to the log production yard for construction.


Crew bosses Rocky, Blaine, Oden and at various times Brad & Jim handpick the logs for their particular project according to Jims layout and move them to the production decks with a fork mounted front end loader.

Here the logs are either skip peeled or clean peeled. From the peeling decks the logs are moved to their building sites situated around one of two tower cranes, each of which can reach multiple building sites. Pads are then set to receive the “sill logs” and your project is now underway. All sill logs, purlins, staircases, floor joists, window slabs are run through a mill which is run by Rocky. The glue that holds all the cranes, loading, chainsaws, trucks, tools, wifes & kids cars running smoothly is Donavan.

In Steamboat Springs Colorado, marketing, sales and office management is handled by Gabby. 

On-site supervision is overseen by Doug Smith. Construction projects outide of Steamboat Springs is run by Rob Trask or Brian Sigel. 

Drafting services can be provided through big Fish Drafting in the Kallispell office or in Steamboat Springs by Jakes Drafting Service, who has designed dozens of homes for satisfied owners over the years.

Our commitment to the highest quality work from start to finish including service during the construction period and the following adjustment period has created many long-term repeat relationships and turned clients into friends.

Contact us at;
Montana Log Homes of Colorado
P.O. Box 771865 Steamboat Springs, 80477
Phone: 970.879.3031