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Welcome to Montana Log Homes of Colorado’s website.

Close your eyes for just a moment and imagine that you are sitting comfortably in front of a beautiful stone fireplace feeling the warmth from the fire and surrounded by the beauty that you've imagined your own log home will have.

Here at Montana Log Homes of Colorado, our greatest achievement is making that dream come true. This is where you begin to make that dream a reality. Use this site to imagine and dream as big as you wish and let us help you fulfill those dreams. By exploring our site, you should find the answers to any questions that you may have.


Creative inspiration comes naturally in this mountain country. By preserving the spirit of the Old West, using hand crafted techniques handed down from our pioneer forefathers, we create homes as unique and beautiful as the wilderness from which they come. For generations, the
hand-hewn log home has been a heart of the American pioneering spirit.


Your Montana Log Home will, by virtue of the cellular structure of the logs themselves, radiate warmth and cheeriness through the coldest of winter nights, and breathe the coolness of a primeval forest into your home during the heat of the summer. A Montana Log Home is crafted for practical function as much as it is for its timeless beautyIt will be a source of contentment, comfort and security throughout all the seasons, and for many years to come.


Our experience blending the tastes of our clients with the rustic characteristics of hand-hewn logs has earned us a reputation nationwide for intricate craftsmanship and reliability.


Our homes are built for nationwide delivery. Our experienced log re-setting team travels to your home site and handles the entire log re-setting. An average size log home will take 3-4 days to reset. Door and window openings are usually cut after the log shell has been reerected.Technical information and prices along with handsomely illustrated floor plans of our most popular homes will inspire ideas for your hand crafted Montana Log home. We invite you to send for our information, be certain to include your name and address, and any other important information along with $10 to cover the cost of the packet, postage and handling. With Montana Log Homes design flexibility, you're sure to find the right design combinations to match your lifestyle.  

Montana Log Homes are log homes with a difference, a handcrafted difference. Unlike milled or kit log homes.,our log shells are individually crafted by skilled log smiths using chainsaws and traditional hand tools. Each full length log is cut, carved and then assembled together into finished structure right here at our construction yard in Kalispell. By hand fitting each log separately, we maintain a high degree of quality control throughout the entire log construction process.

Montana Log Homes of Colorado has extended their expertise to new styles of construction. They now have a brilliant range of construction from full handcrafted log homes to full round post and beam or a hybrid combination. Most impressively, they have added the timber frame construction. (see the impressive Gore's home) This Style of construction coupled with panelized roof systems creates a highly efficient and aesthetic product that our clients rave about and we proudly brag about.


Montana Log homes also offers design and blue print services to enable you to achieve the custom details that you want built into your home. From the planning stage to final construction on your site, the experienced team at Montana Log Homes will give your project the attention you expect.


Contact us at;
Montana Log Homes of Colorado
P.O. Box 771865 Steamboat Springs, 80477
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